Zara Larsson

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Produced by Mike Sabbath (Lizzo, Meghan Trainor, Jonas Brothers) the album from 23 year old Swedish Pop Sensation contains the single "Talk About Love" featuring Young Thug as well as previous hits "WOW" and "Love Me Land.

“'Talk About Love' is about that phase before two people work out what they are to one another,” Zara explains. “That specific window is so beautiful and fragile, as soon as you start asking 'are we doing this?' or 'how do *you* feel?', for some people that ruins the magic. 'Talk About Love' is savoring that moment before you have to decide.” It follows Zara’s latest hit “WOW” which exploded on TikTok after it was featured in Netflix’s hit original film, ‘Work It’ (and has amassed over 100 million streams, not to mention Zara’s show-stopping performance at this year’s MTV EMA Awards). ‘Poster Girl’ was further introduced in dazzling style under lockdown with the socially-distanced video for ‘Love Me Land’, written by Zara alongside the powerhouse team of Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter (Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber).