Neneh Cherry


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Såhär skriver Neneh själv om nya albumet:
"So excited to announce that my new album Broken Politics made together with Four Tet is out Oct 19th. The second single Shot Gun Shack is also out now.

Broken Politics is about these extraordinary times we live in. Telling the stories of what people everywhere endure, because we are left misheard, misunderstood, and disillusioned. It is about feeling broken, disappointed, and sad, but having perseverance. It's a fight against the extinction of free thought and spirit.

Thank you to my husband Cameron Mcvey and old friend Karl Berger and 3D Massive Attack whose collaborations are a huge part of the album....Recently I found out that a shotgun shack is an apartment where you can shoot from one end to the other. Gun disaster and its wasted lives are a modern-day tragedy. Inner city communities where living past 25 is a miracle, and I had to talk about that. Bring some humanity back into this crazy world. Neneh x

DN Dagens Skiva, betyg 4/5 ”en sällsynt integritet som gör att hon förmodligen kommer att hålla sig relevant i lika många decennier till.”

DI Weekend, betyg 4/5 “Neneh Cherry berör på djupet”

NWT, betyg 4/5 ” Neneh Cherry tycks bara bli bättre och bättre. Hon låter självsäkert tillbakalutad, självklar men utan att bekvämt lägga sig till rätta i gamla hjulspår.”

Borås Tidning, Betyg 4/5 ”Neneh Cherry slutar aldrig att imponera”