New Limited Vinyl-EP "Forever rejected" out 23/3. 500 copies, black vinyl. Pre-order now!

1. Forever Rejected
2. A Minute Of Magick
3. Love
4. The Lost Ones

"So after we've been out playing the new record for a while we sat down and pondered our next move.
We had recorded a fantastic version of a Lana Del Ray song + we had a couple songs that was recorded when we did the album that never really got the release they deserved so we decided to do an EP.
We checked our demos and found 2 ideas that were even more danceable and percussive and wild than the album. With ’Forever Rejected’ and ’A Minute Of Magick’ we suddenly had a really creative and interesting EP that spans from soft to slightly insane. It might only be an EP but taken as a compliment to the album it is truly another step in a new direction and it is some of the finest work that I ever been a part of recording.