Christian Kjellvander

”I have always been fascinated by what happens the first time a group of musicians take on a piece of music. I wanted to explore this and found some dear friends who felt the same and whose musicianship I admire.

The concept on this album is quiet simple. I spent 2 days the 13th and 14th of august 2019 writing; short stories, some chord progressions, some lyrics, some songs. A week later I invited Tonbruket to my house and we spent 24 hrs – the 21st and 22nd of august 2019 – recording approximately 2 hours of music…everything is live and first takes except for the backing vocals. When we mixed it we chose the stuff that fit on a 40 minute LP.” – Christian Kjellvander

1. Yacht in the Fog (07.23)
2. Tidal Wave (06.00)
3. Loneliest Woman in the World (07.08)
4. Normal Behaviour in a Cutting Garden Parts l,ll,lll (21.22)

”Doom Country” is the first album by Kjellvandertonbruket. It is released via Startracks on February 27th 2020 on vinyl & CD.