Blues Pills

Släpps 21/8 på Ltd Clear Vinyl, Red/Gold Splatter Vinyl, Ltd Boxset (incl Black/Gold Splatter Vinyl, Bliss EP 10", CD, patch +sticker), 2CD Digibook samt CD

Often compared to a jam session between Aretha Franklin
and LED ZEPPELIN, BLUES PILLS’ career took them from an
American garage to international glory within a few years.

If you were blazed by the heaviness of their first self titled album,
and tripped to the psychedelic soul of “Lady In Gold you
won’t be immune to the effects of this third dose of the pills.
”This album is something we’ll be proud of even after death.
These songs are from a very dark period of our lives. So much
loss, anger and anxiety. Sadness and change. A separation
into reincarnation. We stand behind every note and every
word. This album was created in darkness and it guided us
into the light again. One can only hope it will give you comfort