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Mena Maria - They Never Leave Their Wives/And Then Came You (2LP Set)

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Fakta Love comes when you least expect it is a cliché with a core of truth. And Maria Mena celebrates this truth with the release of "And Then Came You".

"And Then Came You" is Maria's reworked, reimagined, and re-recorded album about completely losing faith in love, and then, unexpectedly, finding it again.
As someone who has always believed in love, and literally made a career from creating music that describes her complicated affairs of the heart, Maria Mena was met with a new challenge when she experienced a new kind of love.
A healthy and easy love.
This life changing event made her scrap an entire album, so this follow up to "They Never Leave Their Wives" (2020) was recreated with a fresh perspective on life and love.

Maria has, as always, written all the lyrics, and except for "Keep Me Warm" which was cowritten with Anders Nilsen, all melodies are written with producer Olav Tronsmoen

From her 2002 breakthrough with "My Lullaby" we have been allowed to take part in her journey as a songwriter, artist, and human being. Her lyrics have helped not just Maria, but countless others, through difficult times by putting the unmentionable, unthinkable and unbearable into words.

Maria Mena lives, writes, and sings from the heart, and is consistently open, honest, vulnerable, generous, relatable, brave, and funny. She has a rare ability to convey a nuanced, but unfiltered array of emotion, whether on stage or in the recording studio.

Her albums and hit singles have achieved chart success and certifications in Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, the UK, and the US as well as her native Norway. Her hits include "It Was Love", "I Don't Wanna See You With Her", "Not OK", "Just Hold Me", "You Are The Only One", "All This Time", "Fuck You" and "You Live And You Learn".
Artist: Mena Maria
Enheter i förpackning: 2 st
Inspelad, år: 2023
Label: Columbia
Lev. Artnr.: 19658822611
Leverantör: Bertus
Media: LP
Release: Nyheter
Releasedatum: 2023-09-15
Streckkod: 0196588226113
  • 1. Let Him Go
  • 2. Lies (They Never Leave Their Wives)
  • 3. You Broke Me
  • 4. Miss Him Every Day
  • 5. Not Ok
  • 6. The Conversation
  • 7. You Live And You Learn
  • 8. Little Did I Know
  • 9. Not Worth It
  • 10. Keep Me Warm
  • 11. Take A Bow
  • 12. What If I Make It
  • 13. Running
  • 14. Try Again Tomorrow
  • 15. Till The Water Runs Clear
  • 16. Stayed
  • 17. And Then Came You
  • 18. Easy Love
  • 19. It Was Love
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