The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet (Blue/Purple Vin i gruppen VINYL / Rock hos Bengans Skivbutik AB (4145968)

The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet (Blue/Purple Vin

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Fakta Noctourniquet And then everything went black, at least for a while, at least for The Mars Volta. In the months and years following their fifth full-length, Octahedron, Omar kept on at his usual fearsome creative pace. In fact, he ramped up his output considerably, starting up his own Rodriguez Lopez Productions label and releasing a slew of solo albums. It was a practice he'd begun shortly after De-Loused's release, with his solo debut A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack Volume One, but as the decade reached its close, Omar grew to rely upon his solo recordings as an outlet for his prolific creativity, these albums often exploring musical pastures far beyond even The Mars Volta's wide-ranging parameters. Before choosing to release music under his own name, Omar would always play it to Cedric first, to see if the frontman thought it had potential to become Mars Volta music. Shortly after Octahedron's completion, Cedric flagged one batch of tracks Omar had cut with Deantoni Parks, a brilliant drummer and composer who'd briefly occupied the Mars Volta drumstool in-between Jon Theodore and Thomas Pridgen's tenures, and whose volcanic creativity and unique, unpredictable approach to rhythm and composition had quickly made him one of Omar's favourite artistic foils. As with the music that made up Octahedron, the new tracks Cedric had optioned for The Mars Volta often veered far from the riotous, Grand Guignol visions of their earlier releases. It possessed the punchy, song-based focus of Octahedron, though this was a considerably darker, more menacing strain of pop, with synthesisers figuring heavily in the productions. Cedric took the tracks in 2009 and set about writing songs to the music. But no more new Mars Volta music would be heard until 2012. The years that passed in-between were nonetheless momentous, and busy, witnessing an unexpected reunion of the members of At The Drive-In, and Cedric joining his own side-project, Anywhere. But there wasn't any sign of life within the Mars Volta until Omar, Cedric and their b
Artist: The Mars Volta
Enheter i förpackning: 2 st
Inspelad, år: 2022
Label: Clouds Hill
Lev. Artnr.: 4250795604969
Leverantör: Warner Music
Media: LP
Releasedatum: 2022-05-20
Streckkod: 4250795604969
  • 1. The Whip Hand
  • 2. Aegis
  • 3. Dyslexicon
  • 4. Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound
  • 5. The Malkin Jewel
  • 6. Lapochka
  • 7. In Absentia
  • 8. Imago
  • 9. Molochwalker
  • 10. Trinkets Pale Of Moon
  • 11. Vedamalady
  • 12. Noctourniquet
  • 13. Zed And Two Naughts
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