Purcell Henry - Dido & Aeneas i gruppen CD / Övrigt hos Bengans Skivbutik AB (568935)

Purcell Henry - Dido & Aeneas

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Artist: Purcell Henry
Enheter i förpackning: 1 st
Inspelad, år: 1997
Label: Naxos / Esse
Lev. Artnr.: 8553108
Leverantör: Naxos
Media: CD
Releasedatum: 1997-08-23
Streckkod: 0730099410823
  • 1. Dido And Aeneas[komma] Z. 626
  • 2. Overture
  • 3. Act I: Belinda[komma] Chorus: Shake The C (Loud From Off Your Brow)
  • 4. Act I: Dido: Ah! Belinda[komma] I Am Pres (S'd With Torment)
  • 5. Act I: Belinda[komma] Dido: Grief Increas (Es By Concealing)
  • 6. Act I: Chorus: When Monarchs Unite (How Happy Their State)
  • 7. Act I: Dido[komma] Belinda: Whence Could (So Much Virtue Spring)
  • 8. Act I: Belinda[komma] 2Nd Woman And Choru (S: Fear No Danger To Ensue)
  • 9. Act I: Belinda[komma] Aeneas[komma] Dido: See[komma] (Your Royal Guest Appears)
  • 10. Act I: Chorus: Cupid Only Throws Th (E Dart)
  • 11. Act I: Aeneas[komma] Belinda: If Not For (Mine[komma] For Empire's Sake)
  • 12. Act I: Guitars' Chaconne
  • 13. Act I: Chorus: To The Hills And The (Vales)
  • 14. Act I: The Triumphing Dance
  • 15. Act Ii: Prelude For The Witches (So (Rceress And 1St Witch: Wayward Sis)
  • 16. Act Ii: Chorus: Harm's Our Delight
  • 17. Act Ii: Sorceress: The Queen Of Car (Thage[komma] Whom We Hate)
  • 18. Act Ii: Chorus: Ho Ho Ho[komma] Ho Ho Ho!
  • 19. Act Ii: 1St And 2Nd Witches[komma] Sorcer (Ess: Ruin'd Ere The Set Of Sun)
  • 20. Act Ii: Chorus: Ho Ho Ho[komma] Ho Ho Ho!
  • 21. Act Ii: Sailors' Dance
  • 22. Act Ii: 1St And 2Nd Witches: But[komma] E (Re We This Perform)
  • 23. Act Ii: Chorus: In Our Deep Vaulted (Cell)
  • 24. Act Ii: Echo Dance Of Furies
  • 25. Act Ii: Ritornelle
  • 26. Act Ii: Belinda[komma] Chorus: Thanks To (These Lonesome Vales)
  • 27. Act Ii: Guitar Dance[komma] 2Nd Woman: Of (T She Visits This Lone Mountain)
  • 28. Act Ii: Aeneas[komma] Dido: Behold[komma] Upon (My Bended Spear)
  • 29. Act Ii: Belinda[komma] Chorus: Haste To T (Own)
  • 30. Act Ii: Spirit[komma] Aeneas: Stay[komma] Princ (E! And Hear Great Jove's Command)
  • 31. Act Ii: Ritornelle
  • 32. Act Iii: 1St Sailor And Chorus: Com (E Away[komma] Fellow Sailors)
  • 33. Act Iii: The Sailor's Dance
  • 34. Act Iii: Sorceress[komma] 1St And 2Nd Wit (Ches: See[komma] The Flags And Streamers)
  • 35. Act Iii: Sorceress: Our Next Motion
  • 36. Act Iii: Chorus: Destruction's Our (Delight)
  • 37. Act Iii: The Witches' Dance
  • 38. Act Iii: Belinda[komma] Aeneas: Your Coun (Sel All Is Urg'd In Vain)
  • 39. Act Iii: Chorus: Great Minds Agains (T Themselves Conspire)
  • 40. Act Iii: Dido: Thy Hand[komma] Belinda; D (Arkness Shades Me)
  • 41. Act Iii: Dido: When I Am Laid In Ea (Rth)
  • 42. Act Iii: Chorus: With Drooping Wing (S Ye Cupids Come)
  • 43. Act Iii: Chorus: With Drooping Wing (S Ye Cupids Come)