Handel George Frideric - Il Trionfo Del Tempo i gruppen Externt_Lager / Naxoslager hos Bengans Skivbutik AB (588515)

Handel George Frideric - Il Trionfo Del Tempo

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Artist: Handel George Frideric
Enheter i förpackning: 3 st
Inspelad, år: 2000
Label: Naxos
Lev. Artnr.: 855444042
Leverantör: Naxos
Media: CD
Releasedatum: 2000-02-24
Streckkod: 0636943444023
  • 1. Part I: Son Dell'overtura[komma] Hwv 46A: (Allegro)
  • 2. Part I: No.1 Chor And Soloists: Onl (Y To Delight Our Heart Aspires[komma] And)
  • 3. Part I: No.2 Recitative: When I See (My Image In The Glass I Wish It Wer)
  • 4. Part I: No.3 Aria: Andante: Faithfu (L Mirror[komma] In You I Dream Of The Spl)
  • 5. Part I: No.4 Recitative: I[komma] Who Am (Pleasure[komma] Swear That You Will Alway)
  • 6. Part I: No.5 Aria: Andante: A Dark (Spirit And Black Sorrow Never Come)
  • 7. Part I: No.6 Recitiative: And I[komma] Wh (O Am Time)
  • 8. Part I: No.7 Aria: Andante: If Beau (Ty Loses Her Charm[komma] If She Falls Or)
  • 9. Part I: No.8 Recitative: Then Let U (S Take Up Arms And See Which Is The)
  • 10. Part I: No.9 Aria: Allegro: One Ban (D Of Pleasures Keeps Watch Over My)
  • 11. Part I: No.10 Recitative: The Giant (S Of The Sun Fell To Earth On Accou)
  • 12. Part I: No.11 Aria: Larghetto: You (Tombs That Hold So Many Beauties[komma] O)
  • 13. Part I: No.12 Chor: Largo: They Are (Ghosts Of Sorrow[komma] Skeletons Of Horr)
  • 14. Part I: No.13 Recitative: Your Coun (Sels Are Too Cruel[komma] Pleasures Alone)
  • 15. Part I: No.14 Duet: (Andante Ma Non (Troppo: It Is Vanity To Wish[komma] In T)
  • 16. Part I: No.15 Recitative: The Limit (Of Mortal Life Comes At A Glance. F)
  • 17. Part I: No.16 Aria: Andante Allegro (: A Thought Inimical To Peace Made)
  • 18. Part I: No.17 Recitative: Fool[komma] You (Deny Time[komma] And Now He Devours Part)
  • 19. Part I: No.18 Aria: Andante: Man Is (Born[komma] But Born A Child: The Year Is)
  • 20. Part I: No.19 Chor (Andante): Man A (Lways Destroys Himself[komma] The Year Al)
  • 21. Part I: Interlude: No.20 Con (Andan (Te Allegro)
  • 22. Part I: Interlude: No.21 Soloists A (Nd Chor: Andante Allegro: To Live A)
  • 23. Part I: Interlude: Sinf: Allegro
  • 24. Part Ii: No.23 Recitative: This Is (My Palace[komma] Here You See Me In Vario)
  • 25. Part Ii: No.24 Sonatina: Allegro
  • 26. Part Ii: No.25 Sonatina: (Adagio-An (Dante)
  • 27. Part Ii: No.26 Recitative: Silence! (What Sound Do I Hear?)
  • 28. Part Ii: No.27 Aria: Andante: A Gra (Ceful Boy Fair Delight Arouses In F)
  • 29. Part Ii: No.28 Recitative: In His R (Ight Hand Are Wings And W. This Han)
  • 30. Part Ii: No.29 Aria: Allegro Ma Non (Troppo: Let Time Come And W. Funere)
  • 31. Part Ii: No.30 Chor: (Allegro[komma] Ma N (On Troppo: O Time[komma] Father Of Sorro)
  • 32. Part Ii: No.31 Ritornello: (Allegro ([komma] Ma Non Troppo)
  • 33. Part Ii: No.32 Aria: Larghetto (All (Egro: Man Believes That Time Sleep)
  • 34. Part Ii: No.33 Recitative: You Beli (Eve Him Far Away[komma] And Time Is W. Yo)
  • 35. Part Ii: No.34 Aria: Andante (Alleg (Ro: Fool[komma] Will You Alone Presume T)
  • 36. Part Ii: No.35 Recitative: Have You (Seen The Palace Of Pleasure? Then C)
  • 37. Part Ii: No.36 Qt: Allegro: If You (Are No Longer A Minister Of Sufferi)
  • 38. Part Ii: No.37 Recitative: If False (Pleasure's Fabled Show You Once Saw)
  • 39. Part Ii: No.38 Aria: Andante: Close ([komma] Close Your Lovely Eyes[komma] Turn Far)
  • 40. Part Ii: No.39 Recitative: Into Thr (Ee Parts Divided Are The Hours Of Y)
  • 41. Part Ii: No.40 Aria: Larghetto: I H (Oped To Find Pleasure In Truth[komma] But)
  • 42. Part Ii: No.41 Recitative: It Is Va (In To Live In Sorrow[komma] If You Seek A)
  • 43. Part Ii: No.42 Aria: (Andante): You (Swore Never To Leave Me[komma] Or Sorrow)
  • 44. Part Ii: No.43 Recitative: If A Sic (K Man Turns His Gaze To The Rays Of)
  • 45. Part Ii: No.44 Aria: Adagio: I Woul (D Have Two Hearts In My Bosom: One)
  • 46. Part Ii: No.45 Recitative: I Would (Swear That You Close Your Eyes Befo)
  • 47. Part Ii: No.46 Aria: Larghetto: He (Cares No More For The Dark Valley[komma])
  • 48. Part Ii: No.47 Recitative: It Is An (Obstinate Error To Leave The Safe G)
  • 49. Part Ii: No.48 Aria: Allegro: Fooli (Sh Is That Helmsman Who Will Not Ch)
  • 50. Part Ii: No.49 Recitative: You Spok (E The Truth And[komma] Though Late[komma] I Und)
  • 51. Part Ii: No.50 Qt: Andante: I Want (Time To Decide. I Am W. You. And Co)
  • 52. Part Ii: No.51 Chor: Andante Allegr (O: Before You Turn To Dust[komma] Follow)
  • 53. Part Iii: No.52 Sinf: Andante: Da C (Apo.)
  • 54. Part Iii: No.53 Recitative: In The (Palace Where Pleasure Resides Lies)
  • 55. Part Iii: No.54 Aria: Allegro: Leav (E The Thorn[komma] Pluck The Rose[komma] You Go)
  • 56. Part Iii: No.54A Sarabande: Improvi (Sation Almira[komma] Hamburg 1704[komma] Hwv 1)
  • 57. Part Iii: No.54B Aria: Sarabande: L (Eave The Thorn[komma] Etc. Il Trionfo De)
  • 58. Part Iii: No.55 Recitative: W. Note (S Too Clear Truth Calls Me. Courteo)
  • 59. Part Iii: No.56 Aria: Largo Poco Pi (Ani Presto: I Want To Change My I)
  • 60. Part Iii: No.57 Recitative: Now Tha (T My Right Hand Holds The True[komma] Imm)
  • 61. Part Iii: No.58 Aria: Andante Alleg (Ro: He Who Once Was A Fair Women's)
  • 62. Part Iii: No.59 Recitative: But Wha (T Do I See? What Behold? I Thought)
  • 63. Part Iii: No.60 Aria: Poco Adagio: (A Richly Laden Vessel On Its Course)
  • 64. Part Iii: No.61 Accompanied Recitat (Ive: Yes[komma] Fair Penitence[komma] While I[komma])
  • 65. Part Iii: No.62 Aria: Andante: The (Fine Tears Of Dawn Bathed In Gold[komma])
  • 66. Part Iii: No.63 Recitative: Pleasur (E[komma] Who Once Lived W. Me[komma] Look Again)
  • 67. Part Iii: No.64 Aria: Vivace: As A (Cloud That Flees W. The Wind From Y)
  • 68. Part Iii: No.65 Accompanied Recitat (Ive: Now If The Truth Of The Eterna)
  • 69. Part Iii: No.66 Aria: Largo E Stacc (Ato: This Heaven's Minister Elect N)
  • 70. Part Iii: No.67 Con: Allegro
  • 71. Part Iii: No.68 Chor: (A Tempo Gius (To: Alleluia)
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