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Dream Theater - Lost Not.. -Spec-

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Fakta Originally released back in 1997 as an International Fan Club collection, Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Making of Falling Into Infinity (1997) documents in detail the making of the bands fourth studio album. Giving fans a rare glimpse into the process of making a Dream Theater album, this collection has been newly remastered and is now available on Special Edition CD Digipak, Gatefold black 2LP+CD & as Ltd Gatefold dark green 2LP+CD.
Artist: Dream Theater
Enheter i förpackning: 1 st
Inspelad, år: 2023
Label: Inside Out
Lev. Artnr.: 19658783302
Leverantör: Bertus
Media: CD
Releasedatum: 2023-04-07
Streckkod: 0196587833022
  • 1. New Millenium (Basic Tracks)
  • 2. New Millenium (Piano[komma] Accoustic Guitar[komma] Stick And 7 String G
  • 3. You Not Me (Basic Tracks)
  • 4. You Not Me (Strings[komma] Piano[komma] Vocals And Key Overdubs)
  • 5. Peruvian Skies (Basic Tracks)
  • 6. Peruvian Skies (Rhodes[komma] Mellotron[komma] Acoustic Guitar And Vocal
  • 7. Hollow Years (Basic Tracks)
  • 8. Hollow Years (Acoustic[komma] Edge And Classical Guitar And Vocals
  • 9. Burning My Soul (Basic Tracks)
  • 10. Burning My Soul (Guitar[komma] Key[komma] Vocals[komma] Talk Box And Whisper O
  • 11. Hell's Kitchen (Writing The Finale)
  • 12. Lines In The Sand (Intro[komma] Key[komma] Piano And String Overdubs)
  • 13. Lines In The Sand (Bass[komma] Guitar[komma] Synth And Vocals Overdubs)
  • 14. Lines In The Sand (Doug Pinnick Vocals)
  • 15. Take Away My Pain (Alternate Take)
  • 16. Take Away My Pain (Basic Tracks)
  • 17. Take Away My Pain (Space Guitar[komma] Hawaiin Keys[komma] Heavy Keys An
  • 18. Just Let Me Breathe (Basic Tracks)
  • 19. Just Let Me Breathe (Feedback And Rhythm Guitars[komma] Lead Guita
  • 20. Anna Lee (Derek Noodling At The Piano)
  • 21. Anna Lee (Basic Tracks)
  • 22. Anna Lee (Mellotron And Leslie Guitars[komma] Slide Guitar Overdub
  • 23. Trial Of Tears (Basic Tracks)
  • 24. Trial Of Tears (Lead Guitar[komma] Bass[komma] Accoustic Guitar And Pian
  • 25. Trial Of Tears (The End?)
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