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Metallica - Monopoly

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Fakta Metallica and Monopoly have collided to bring you a very unique twist on an American classic! Travel round the corners of your favourite Metallica historic locations with your collectable token and start your real-estate empire. Purchase the property with your Metalli-money, while building stadiums and arenas on each street for a roaring crown reaction!
Each property has been named with Metallica history in mind, so put your thinking caps on. Land on one of the "Binge and Purge" or "Jump in the Fire" spaces and be rewarded or fined in true Metallica form. You won't believe the price you'll pay!

Game Properties
Recommended Age: 9 - 99 Years
Number Of Players: 2 to 6 Players
Playtime: 120 Minutes
Game Type: Strategic Game
Main Language: English published, Italian manual, German manual, French manual, English manual, Spanish manual
Content: 6 collectible pewter tokens (Snake, Logo, Fist, Hammer, Scales), Metallica Monopoly money, Two Dice, Bonfire Cards, Back Track Cards, 32 Stands and 12 Stadiums
Artist: Metallica
Enheter i förpackning: 1 st
Lev. Artnr.: 025942
Leverantör: Plugged
Media: Accessories, Merch
Releasedatum: 2018-11-09
Streckkod: 5036905025942
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