Eluveitie - Live At Masters Of Rock 2019 i gruppen Kampanjer / BlackFriday2020 hos Bengans Skivbutik AB (3792738)

Eluveitie - Live At Masters Of Rock 2019

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Fakta Born in the rural mysticism of the Swiss alps and since a very early point deeply rooted within Celtic mythology, Gaulish history and proto-European culture, Eluveitie have long become Folk Metal's trailblazers, spindoctors and rightful masters of their craft. All the more because they never limited themselves to simple forays through rune-decorated cliches or foolish drinking songs. From their fabled debut 'Spirit' (2006) onward, theirs was an approach of respect, historic accuracy, depth and the most thrilling, catchy, primordial melange of Melodic Death Metal and Pagan Folk the world could have ever imagined.

Members came, members went. The soul of Eluveitie, though, the very essence of this pagan congregation remained undisturbed.Come 2019,the sky is darkened, the ravens fly and the stage was set for the thunderstorm that has already been heralded by the tempestuous harbinger 'Rebirth' in late 2017. Finally, everything was prepared for the colossal voice of the ages that is 'Ategnatos'. "How time flies", Chrigel exclaims. And with an insurmountable epic like 'Ategnatos' under their belts, the next years are bound to fly by, too. Heavy touring commenced even before the release, taking the band to South America first, before hitting the European festivals, from which this live recording is taken. Every certifiable Eluveitie classic played to a rabid Czech Festival crowd.
Artist: Eluveitie
Enheter i förpackning: 2 st
Inspelad, år: 2021
Label: Ada Uk
Lev. Artnr.: 0727361503116
Leverantör: Warner Music
Media: LP
Releasedatum: 2021-01-01
Streckkod: 0727361503116
  • 1. Ategnatos
  • 2. King
  • 3. The Call Of The Mountains
  • 4. Deathwalker
  • 5. Worship
  • 6. Artio
  • 7. Epona
  • 8. A Rose For Epona
  • 9. Thousandfold
  • 10. Ambiramus
  • 11. Drumsolo
  • 12. Havoc
  • 13. Breathe
  • 14. Helvetios
  • 15. Rebirth
  • 16. Inis Mona
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