Purcell Henry - The Fairy Queen, 1692 (2Cd) i gruppen CD / Klassiskt hos Bengans Skivbutik AB (3788228)

Purcell Henry - The Fairy Queen, 1692 (2Cd)

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Artist: Purcell Henry
Enheter i förpackning: 2 st
Inspelad, år: 2020
Label: Signum
Lev. Artnr.: SIGCD615
Leverantör: Naxos
Media: CD
Releasedatum: 2020-04-24
Streckkod: 0635212061527
  • 1. Act I: Come[komma] Come[komma] Come Let Us Leav (E This Town Soprano[komma] Bass)
  • 2. Act I: Fill Up The Bowl[komma] Then. (Bli (Ndfolded Poet[komma] First Fairy[komma] Chorus[komma])
  • 3. Act I: First Act Tune: Jig
  • 4. Act Ii: Come All Ye Songsters Of Th (E Sky High Tenor)
  • 5. Act Ii: Dance For The Followers Of (Night)
  • 6. Act Ii: Hush[komma] No More[komma] Be Silent Al (L Sleep[komma] Chorus)
  • 7. Act Ii: I Am Come To Lock All Fast (Mystery)
  • 8. Act Ii: May The God Of Wit Inspire (High Tenor[komma] Tenor[komma] Bass)
  • 9. Act Ii: Now Join Your Warbling Voic (Es All Chorus)
  • 10. Act Ii: One Charming Night (Secrecy ()
  • 11. Act Ii: Second Act Tune: Air
  • 12. Act Ii: See[komma] Even Night Herself Is (Here Night)
  • 13. Act Ii: Sing While We Trip It Upon (The Green Fairy[komma] Chorus)
  • 14. Act Ii: Symphony In Imitation Of An (Echo)
  • 15. Act Ii: Symphony In Imitation Of Bi (Rds)
  • 16. Act Iii: A Thousand[komma] Thousand Ways (We'll Find High Tenor[komma] Chorus)
  • 17. Act Iii: Dance For The Fairies
  • 18. Act Iii: Dance For The Green Men
  • 19. Act Iii: Dance For The Haymakers
  • 20. Act Iii: If Love's A Sweet Passion (Nymph[komma] Chorus[komma] Fawn)
  • 21. Act Iii: Now The Maids And The Men (Are Making Of Hay Coridon[komma] Mopsa)
  • 22. Act Iii: Symphony While The Swans C (Ome Forward)
  • 23. Act Iii: Third Act Tune: Hornpipe
  • 24. Act Iii: When I Have Often Heard Yo (Ung Maids Complaining Nymph)
  • 25. Act Iii: Ye Gentle Spirits Of The A (Ir[komma] Appear! Nymph)
  • 26. First Music: Hornpipe
  • 27. First Music: Prelude
  • 28. Second Music: Air
  • 29. Second Music: Overture
  • 30. Second Music: Rondeau
  • 31. Act Iv: Fourth Tune: Air
  • 32. Act Iv: Hail! Great Parent Of Us Al (L Chorus)
  • 33. Act Iv: Hail! Great Parent Of Us Al (L Chorus)
  • 34. Act Iv: Here's The Summer[komma] Sprightl (Y[komma] Gay Summer)
  • 35. Act Iv: Let The Fifes And The Clari (Ons And Shrill Trumpets Sound Seco)
  • 36. Act Iv: Next Winter Comes Slowly[komma] P (Ale Winter)
  • 37. Act Iv: Now The Night Is Chased Awa (Y First Attendant[komma] Chorus)
  • 38. Act Iv: See My Many Coloure'd Field (S Autumn)
  • 39. Act Iv: Symphony
  • 40. Act Iv: Symphony For The Entry Of P (Hoebus)
  • 41. Act Iv: Thus The Ever Grateful Spri (Ng Spring)
  • 42. Act Iv: When A Cruel Long Winter Ha (S Frozen The Earth Phoebus)
  • 43. Act V: Chaconne
  • 44. Act V: Entry Dance
  • 45. Act V: Hark! How All Things With On (E Sound Rejoice Second Woman)
  • 46. Act V: Hark! The Echoing Air A Triu (Mph Sings First Woman[komma] Chorus)
  • 47. Act V: Monkey's Dance
  • 48. Act V: O Let Me Ever[komma] Ever Weep (Ny (Mph)
  • 49. Act V: Prelude As Hymen Enters
  • 50. Act V: See[komma] See I Obey (Hymen[komma] Two (Chinese Women)
  • 51. Act V: Sure The Dull God Of Marriag (E Does Not Hear Two Chinese Women[komma])
  • 52. Act V: Symphony
  • 53. Act V: They Shall Be As Happy As Th (Ey're Fair Two Chinese Women[komma] Hyme)
  • 54. Act V: Thrice Happy Lovers (Juno)
  • 55. Act V: Thus Happy And Free (Chinese (Woman[komma] Chorus)
  • 56. Act V: Thus The Gloomy World (Chine (Se Man)
  • 57. Act V: Yes[komma] Daphne (Chinese Man)