Warsaw Pakt - Needle Time (Lp + 7

Warsaw Pakt - Needle Time (Lp + 7")

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Fakta LP + 7" single pack reissued here on vinyl for the first time.Includes insert with extensive liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things Magazine) and individually hand customized record cover.Exclusive RSD 2020 release.DESCRIPTION : Real high-energy rock'n'roll in its most potent form is best captured live and in the moment.Maximum thrills, minimum frills.In 1977, London's Warsaw Pakt took that premise one step further, recording their album live, straight through, direct to the cutting lathe-no tape master, no overdubs, no mixing.The record was pressed, packed and shipped overnight and was in the record stores the following day.No procrastination.Instant gratification."The idea was to bypass tape and gain a very accurate recording that would be louder and clearer than any other method then available," remembers guitarist Andy Colquhoun.If the recording method was motivated by an element of gimmickry, no matter, the blazing urgency of the band's performance, combined with a set of edgy, memorable songs makes Needle Time one of the most exciting releases of the '70s punk era.It's also one of the most neglected.The Pakt favored a high-revving formula with hard-boiled street-smart lyrics delivered quick and cool against super-charged Chuck Berry guitar licks, a modus operandi much like the MC5 circa Back in the USA, but with a vibe that was more attuned to the pubs and squats of their native Ladbroke Grove.Though given a punk rock paint job, the sound is redolent with the fumes of high-octane British R&B, a dead giveaway of their roots, as The Rockets.Along with some choice cover versions, like the Who's "It's Not True", they looked to the old Rockets songbook and retooled material written by Andy with the Rockets' old manager Frank Day, including some great songs like "Fruit Machine," "Dogfight," "Speeding" and "Sick n' Tired." Although R&B based, these tracks all had plenty of attitude and aggression, so worked well in their new 'punkier' context."Safe and Warm" was recorded as the single in October 1977, and in the st
Artist: Warsaw Pakt
Enheter i förpackning: 1 st
Inspelad, år: 2020
Label: Munster
Lev. Artnr.: MR397
Leverantör: Sound Pollution
Media: LP
Releasedatum: 2020-08-29
Streckkod: 8435008839710
  • 1. Its Not True
  • 2. Even Money
  • 3. Fruit Machine
  • 4. Dogfight
  • 5. Fast Eddie
  • 6. Steppin Outa Line
  • 7. Cut Glass Jaw
  • 8. Nose Bleed
  • 9. Breastbeating
  • 10. Believe Me Honey
  • 11. Lorraine
  • 12. Hello Angel
  • 13. Speeding
  • 14. Sick & Tired
  • 15. Bonus 7":
  • 16. Safe And Warm
  • 17. Sick N Tired
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