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Mayhem - Daemon

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Fakta By the power of darkness and the might of black-hearted will no two Mayhem albums have been or will be the same. Over the course of Mayhem's storied and groundbreaking 35-year career-from De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (1994) through Esoteric Warfare (2014)-the Norwegians have continuously challenged the orthodoxy of the genre they helped create. Originally informed by greats Hellhammer, Venom, Bathory, and Sodom, the Norwegians eventually imbued their damnable attack with influences from all over the music extreme spectrum, indicated first on the harsh and angular Wolf's Lair Abyss (1997) EP and foremost on the enterprisingly brutal and revolutionary Grand Declaration of War (2000). In 2019, Mayhem yet again reinvent on new album, Daemon.
Artist: Mayhem
Enheter i förpackning: 1 st
Inspelad, år: 2019
Label: Century Medi
Lev. Artnr.: 19075969932
Leverantör: Sony Music
Media: CD
Releasedatum: 2019-11-08
Streckkod: 0190759699324
  • 1. The Dying False King
  • 2. Agenda Ignis
  • 3. Bad Blood
  • 4. Malum
  • 5. Falsified And Hated
  • 6. Aeon Daemonium
  • 7. Worthless Abominations Destroyed
  • 8. Daemon Spawn
  • 9. Of Worms And Ruins
  • 10. Invoke The Oath
  • 11. Everlasting Dying Flame (Bonus Track)
  • 12. Black Glass Communion (Bonus Track)